• Seminar Model Driven Software Engineering

    Increasing complexity of modern software calls for more effective and predictable approaches to software development. This need has led to the rise of a new paradigm: Modell-driven Software Engineering (MDSE). MDSE is being successfully used in many domains and is continuously evolving. There is a wide range of tools and technologies that use or support MDSE. Knowledge of MDSE concepts and tools has become an elementary skill for a software engineer.

    Dr. Günter Kniesel Prof. Dr. Jens Lehmann
  • Exercises Advanced Logic Programming
    This course in intended for students with basic knowledge of logic programming, who want to learn how to use logic programming effectively and efficiently.

    ALP is a prerequisite for several other courses in the Software Engineering curriculum. In addition, many theses offered in the Software Engineering group require very good logic programming skills.

    Dr. Günter Kniesel Prof. Dr. Jens Lehmann


Student Supervision

SDA provide a of Bachelors and Masters thesis in the area of Semantic Web and Smart Data Analytics. A more detailed description of available theses topics is available whilst we also encourage students to come up with related or own ideas are also welcome. Students of the University of Bonn and others (if their study regulations allow it) can apply for those topics.

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